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San Diego Grease Company by TGC is a trusted and reliable provider of grease trap cleaning, grease intereceptor pumping, and used cooking oil collection services in the San Diego area. 

We specialize in maintaining and cleaning all FOGS waste control devices for a wide range of commercial establishments, including restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and food processing facilities. 

With our dedication to quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your grease recovery devices are  always at its best.

Our Services

Grease Trap Cleaning Service

All grease traps are used in commercial kitchens majority of them placed inside the establishment. It’s sizing usually range from as low as five gallon up to 200 gallons. 

Due to it’s capabilty to only hold low capacity of FOGS and water waste these devices are recomended to be maintained daily by skimming the floating grease everyday as well as a full cleaning every four to six weeks.  



Grease Interceptor Cleaning

These units are mostly found outdoor in the parking area due to it’s enormous size and are more effective than a small grease trap.  

With sizes ranging from 500 gallons and up, these units are highly effective compared to smaller grease traps when it comes to preventing FOGS waste from going into the sanitary sewer line. 

Used Cooking oil Collection

Used cooking oils from commercial fryers are mandated to be properly disposed by acquiring a licenced inedible kitchen grease hauler.  

Unlike grease from grease traps or grease interceptors, used cooking oil are collected for free if you have a miniminum of fifty gallons.  As a matter fo fact, if your business produce a large amount of cooking oil, you may even get paid for it.

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Immediate response and superior service is our motto

When working with our experts rest assure we will deliver high quality of service and superior support from out knowledged experts.

24 Hour Support

We have a team of experts dedicated to assist you whenever you need us.  We provide free consultation and 24 hour support.  Whether you have a plumbing issue or in need of grease trap pumping service, we are here for you. 

CDFA Approved

When working with our team rest assure we are fully certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.  All waste we collect are properly disposed of in accordance to all regulations set by the city, county, and state.

ECO Friendly

For nearly a decade our customers and team have recycled hundreds of thousands gallons of used cooking grease. All grease and used cooking oil removed from your establishment are fully recycled into renewable energy.  

“Trusted & Recommended”



Whether You Are Looking For Immediate Pumping or Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Plan, San Diego Grease Co is Here To Assist You.  We Offer Complete Resolution To Suit Your Specific Needs.